Watt Commercial Sweeping utilizes three different types of sweepers to correctly match the project type.

From litter to dirt to gravel–we have the correct sweeper to get the job done right. Our methods are always in accordance with the best industry practices. Using backpack blowers, we first detail all areas to push loose debris into the path of the sweeper. Then selecting a specialized sweeper from our fleet, we remove the loose debris. Our two-step approach affords better attention to detail and the end result is that your property stays cleaner, longer.

Parking Lot Sweeper & Parking Deck Sweeper
Our regenerative air sweepers “vacuum” to remove litter, leaves, garbage, dust, small gravel, etc. Our professionally modified sweepers allow us to get into most parking garages & decks 6 feet and higher. If your deck is lower than this, we have other equipment that will thoroughly get the job done!
Street Sweeper
With our mechanical sweepers we use side brooms and a main rear broom to move debris onto a conveyor belt system that carries them into a contained hopper until disposed off-site. This truck is ideal for construction sweeping, fireworks fallout sweeping, street sweeping and more.
Tennant Sweeper
Our Tennant Sweeper removes virtually any type of debris in areas difficult to maneuver, namely parking decks, garages and warehouses.
Echo Backpack blower
Using Echo PB-770T backpack blowers we detail even the smallest of areas and move the litter to the sweeper’s path.

Truck Features

  • A dust suppression system uses water to contain light particles that may become airborne by misting the ground and saturating them long enough for our sweepers to collect and contain within the truck’s hopper.
  • Large hoppers on each vehicle allow our vehicles to collect a substantial amount of debris with fewer trips off-site to properly dispose.
  • Regenerative Air System uses forced air to blast the particles loose from deep crevices within the surface and into the trucks hopper. This system reduces pollutants at higher PPMs than using only mechanical brush systems alone.
  • Rubber lined fan housing reduces noise pollution by dampening the sweepers impeller and allowing properties to be serviced at any time of day or night without disturbing neighbors.
  • Signal and flashing strobe lights allow for our units to be seen while in use and making it clearly visible to any surrounding traffic.
  • GPS monitoring allows for work validation with knowledge of vehicle location at all times to ensure safe practices and constant productivity.
  • Gutter brooms; depending on the nature of the accumulation we have the ability to use either poly blend bristled or steel bristled brooms.
  • Mechanical Sweepers; for more aggressive jobs we offer mechanical sweepers with a broom and lifters system that removes stubborn accumulation at a substantial and quicker rate.