• Why choose Watt Commercial Sweeping?
    • Sustainability; with over 20 years of business and experience in the industry we have no burden of start up cost allowing us to offer the highest level of detail at the most competitive price.
    • With attention to detail we ensure your property is serviced methodically and thoroughly to eliminate all natural and foreign debris. We not only arrive and remove light litter, we detail curb lines, gutters, expansion joints, building fronts, loading docks and other areas accessible and not accessible by sweeping units. We then properly dispose of all waste off-site.
    • Dependability and reliability; we are there when you need us and you can rest assure that once the service is scheduled we will be there and the job will be executed accordingly. Although we undoubtedly trust our employees, we electronically track each and every truck to ensure proper location, safe driving and working speed is maintained and with GPS movement logging we can record all movement within each property.
  • Do I have to schedule service in advanced?
    Although we encourage it we can generally offer same day service to most properties in and around the metro Atlanta area.
  • Is there an additional cost for overnight service or on call emergency service?
    No, each property or job has it’s own customized pricing based on the needs of the situation. Time of day is not a determining factor of the cost of service.
  • How does sweeping benefit our property and company?
    • Removing visible litter discourages other patrons from disposing of their waste on-site and therefore aiding in maintaining a more visually pleasing environment
    • Constantly removing litter also keeps landscaping more esthetically pleasing and also reduces landscape and litter picking cost.
    • Eliminating fine particulates helps prolong the life of the property’s asphalt and concrete as these media can expedite the deterioration of the surface.
    • Nails, broken glass, tires, and pallet scraps are among some of the more threatening objects we remove. These items pose a danger to everyone on premises and eliminating them lower the risk of injuries and/or lawsuit.
    • Proactively sweeping may be viewed by some insurance carriers as preventative safety or maintenance and may make your business eligible for discounts.
  • Is my property within your service map?
    From Carrollton to Covington and Canton to McDonough we service the entire metro area and more.
  • How do I pay for service?
    We accept all major forms of credit cards, checks and cashier’s checks. For our driver’s safety we cannot accept cash payments.
  • How do I contact a you?
    Simply call our office, send us a web inquiry or find us on Facebook or twitter