Storm-water runoff is a nasty threat to our environment and in particular to our drinking water and it’s safety.

Most of us have walked past dirty water during a rainy day and have seen it pouring into a storm drain. The water collected in those drains many times become part of the drinking water collected by municipalities. Other times that water runs off into neighboring creeks and rivers.

What Watt Commercial Sweeping does, other than removing visible foreign and organic debris, is to add the use of sweeping units equipped with regenerative air sweeping systems. Regenerative air sweeping units  reduce the number of microscopic pollutants (measured in parts per millionth, PPMs) to a level that the EPA considers satisfactory, therefore ensuring a healthier drinking water supply and cleaner ecosystem. You wouldn’t think that the cleanliness and safety of your environment and drinking water could start with the cleanliness of your local streets and sprawling parking lots but it most certainly does. With Watt Commercial Sweeping the cleanliness of your environment and water supply are in experienced expert hands.