Georgia is quickly becoming the new “Hollywood”.

Many of your favorite shows are already being filmed regularly here and plenty of box office hits you may not even be aware of have also been filmed in the Metro Atlanta area and its surrounding suburbs. The scenes in Georgia are already constantly changing and with the incentives provided by the State to the film industry, you can expect more star sightings.

With movies coming through town and completely transforming modern and urban areas to upcoming blockbuster sets, the film industry requires specialized and experienced clean-up crews that include street sweepers. Once a production company has finished their on-location filming and call the “Martini Shot“, we come in and help restore the area to the pre-film status to make it seem as if nothing was ever altered. Watt Commercial has worked on several television shows and movie sets both as stand-by service providers and post production cleaning crew.

We have cleaned up after zombie invasions, blood sucking vampires, district coups, fast cars, giant ants, western draws and many explosions. We possess the equipment, experience and the know-how to handle the film and television industry’s needs.